Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mari Mari Ninne

We went to a 'Light Music' Concert by Yesudas in Seattle.

I was completely excited to see him. He looks just the same...just exactly the same, as I remember seeing him in Ayyappa casettes when I went to Sabarimala ages go (No No...might be, 10-12 years back :-))

The songs that had me in tears are -
Harivarasanam - I am so in love with this song. It was a divine experience listening to him. It was such a soulful rendering. 'The best', I would say.
They were trying to collect Sponsors for selected songs as this is a fund-raising concert for a temple. Till this song, there were like just 2,3 sponsors. But for this one, there were nearly 30-35 sponsors.

Mari Mari Ninne - as classical as it was. Too good!

Other than these, my opinion about the concert:
'OMG..It was delightful' - I would love to say this way. But it was good but not so good just because of one reason. It was a multi-lingual concert. And the only language in which I can enjoy music is Tamil. So I need to wait for nearly 30-40 minutes, 5 songs, to hear one tamil song.

I should not complain much. He sang other languages equally good. But I could not relate to them much.

And, there is one more feedback that I would like to give to the organizers. Then and there, they were pausing the concert and asking for sponsors. In addition to this, they said that they will not continue until they get 'n' number of sponsors. Already, there are families who had spent around 100-200$ for tickets. So it is not rational to expect more from them unless they are volunteering!

There was a medley at the end. May be because he understood that people are upset. It was damn good.

I have one feedback for Yesudas as well. Please bear with me!
Some songs he picked are just so-so kind. There are some beautiful hits that he missed. I could start with "Thanni thotti, Nee pathi naan pathi..." and go on.

Hearing these songs million times, we ended up finding some faults here and there. This is quite common in an on-stage performance. But he changed the lyrics too. But as the song becomes more complicated, more classical, no one can stop him. He was rocking!

I enjoyed it completely! But I would prefer to hear Yesudas singing my lovely Tamil songs for all the 4 hours.

"Tamizh engal uyarvukku vaan
inba thamizh engal asathikku
sudar thantha then"