Monday, October 4, 2010


Are we the only Tamil couple who have not seen Endhiran in US?
OMG...But I am still not ready to spend 60$ for a movie produced by Sun TV.

When you produce a big budget movie, the only way that you have to take the money back is making the audience come and see the movie more than once and make the movie a box-office sooper dooper hit and make it run in theatres for a year. Thats what we call a SUCCESS.

But what SUN TV does is to sell the tickets three times more than the original price. It is closer to 100$ for a family in US and Rs.2000 for a family in India. This we call a CRIME.

People, please dont encourage this trend of these sick people. Wake up! It is OK to watch this in thiruttu DVD rather than spending 3 times.

I have nothing against the movie. I love to watch Rajini movie in a theatre. May be next time :)