Monday, October 4, 2010


Are we the only Tamil couple who have not seen Endhiran in US?
OMG...But I am still not ready to spend 60$ for a movie produced by Sun TV.

When you produce a big budget movie, the only way that you have to take the money back is making the audience come and see the movie more than once and make the movie a box-office sooper dooper hit and make it run in theatres for a year. Thats what we call a SUCCESS.

But what SUN TV does is to sell the tickets three times more than the original price. It is closer to 100$ for a family in US and Rs.2000 for a family in India. This we call a CRIME.

People, please dont encourage this trend of these sick people. Wake up! It is OK to watch this in thiruttu DVD rather than spending 3 times.

I have nothing against the movie. I love to watch Rajini movie in a theatre. May be next time :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Final Part

Meera realizes that there is nothing she can do now. The wedding is just few days away and canceling it will create all sorts of problems for her parents. She is deciding to go wherever the fate takes her.

Her final day in office. She meets Bharath in cafeteria for the last time in her life. She could not control her tears and wishes him good luck. She has thought of talking about Veena to Bharath today and requesting him to advice her if she comes to him. But something stops her from taking that topic at that moment. When she raised her head trying to control herself, Bharath looks deep inside her eyes and says, "You will always be in my heart, mind and soul. I sometimes think that I should kidnap you and take you to some country away from all this. But I know you will go back to your family immediately. I respect your sacrifices, but this is enough. At least after the wedding, live your life. Enjoy things that you like. Be happy". They exchange good-byes.

It is a three-day wedding with all lengthy customs. Meera slowly gets involved in them. Maapillai's parents and sister are very affectionate to Meera. But she observes that the Maapillai has not come and talked to her even once. Even during the formalities where they sit next to each other, he did not even smile. She thinks that may be he is tensed as well and ignores it.

Wedding day - Bharath comes early in the morning and smiles seeing Meera. He is gifting Meera a small 'Meera statue'. He says that it will be him thinking about her till his last breath. Meera says that he should not spoil his life and he should get married. He gently smiles and says, 'Show me a girl like you, exactly like you and I will marry her'. He goes and sits with his colleagues. Meera is in all tears now and she is feeling guilty. She now feels that if Veena could convince Bharath and get married, that will be very good. She is happy that she did not tell Bharath about Veena the other day. Knowing Veena well, she is sure that Veena will convince Bharath somehow.
When all this is going in her mind, she is called by the Prohithar.

Her friends take her to the Mandapam and appreciating that the Mapillai looks very smart. Maapillai ties the knot and her parents are in tears.

They come home that evening. Meera is overwhelmed with all the mixed feelings. She tries to keep herself calm. That evening, Maapillai finally utters a couple of words. He says Madras is very hot and few other junk stuff. This is all he talked that night and slept. Meera does not know whether she has to be sad that he did not behave like a normal husband or she has to be happy that she can take some time to adjust herself with him and all the changes in her life.

They leave to Delhi after a couple of days. The moment she sits in the train, she starts crying. Amma, Appa are convincing her that they will come and visit her often. But Meera is thinking about Bharath and only about Bharath. That one second, she pictures herself to run away from all this. But she understands the reality. Train starts moving and Veena comes closer to her and says, 'I will tell you a good news very soon' and winks at her.

They reach Delhi. Things are going monotonously. But she is very happy that her in-laws are very good and they treat her as their daughter. But Maapillai is still talking only few words to her. But he is getting better very slowly.

She becomes pregnant soon. Meera is very happy and calls Amma and shares the joy. She is not thinking about Bharath these days. She is not even thinking about her husband and his behavior these days. She dreams about her baby all the time.

When she was around 6 months pregnant, she is coming to Madras. She is greeted by her folks very happily. Bharath comes and visits her and he is so happy for her. Things have changed between them, but there is this good friendship and bond always.

When Meera is nearing the delivery, Bharath calls her one day and says that Veena has proposed to him. He sounds shocked and says that he said no to her. He asks Meera to advise her. Meera convinces Bharath saying that it is not a bad idea and he has to consider Veena. Discussion goes on and he cuts the call irritatingly.

Meera delivers a cute baby girl 'Varsha'. Her in-laws visit her and say that the Maapillai is very busy in his business and he is very upset that he could not come and see the baby. This time, Meera gets really upset about the fact that he has not even called her after the delivery. Even the calls he made before that were pure formal calls. She decides to talk to him after going back.

Veena threatens Bharath she will die without him. Meera convinces talking to Bharath for hours and tells him that she will not be happy until he settles down and that he is making her feel guilty. He finally says yes and she is very happy and she talks to her parents and Bharath's mom. She and Veena convince them. The wedding is scheduled after 3 months.

Meera and Varsha come to Delhi and there is a big celebration with all the relatives. That weekend, she asked him the reason for not being normal to her. She asks him whether it is because that he did not like her or it is because he does not like marriages in general and the commitments that come along with it. At first, he tries to change the subject. But when Meera forces him, he says the truth. Maapillai is already married to his longtime girlfriend. His parents does not know about the marriage, but they did not agree for his affair. They compelled him and forced him to get married to Meera. So he married his girlfriend for his sake and married Meera for his parents sake.

Meera gets mad at him and starts throwing away all the things. She gets worried about Varsha more than herself. She tells her in-laws about this. They feel very bad about the decision they took and apologize to Meera. Meera stays there for a month. But she is not able to decide anything in favor of living in Delhi. Also, she thinks that Maapillai is not happy with her anyways. Better that he can live happily with his girlfriend. She leaves Delhi and tells that she will file for Divorce immediately.

Amma Appa get so angry and are trying to change Meera's mind from applying for divorce. They say that she is the legal wife and he has to live with her. Meera is firm now and she says 'It is not about the legal rights. You should have enquired about his character and not about his money. Even if he wants to, I do not want a life with him'. She files for divorce and applies for job postings.

Veena's wedding arrangements have started.Veena, being Veena, is very happy and she did not bother much about her Akka. Bharath comes home a couple of days later and he takes Meera upstairs.

Bharath: Meera, please dont stop me when I am talking. I am very sorry about what has happened. But you know, I am actually happy inside. God is giving us a second chance. We have to grab it. I want to marry you. Dont give me any excuse this time. You dont worry about my mom because she is the one who gave this idea the moment she heard about you. I said yes to this wedding only because of you. I have no interests on Veena. The arrangements have just started and you cannot say it is difficult to cancel the wedding. We can convince Veena. Please Please! Your parents are feeling guilty now and they will definitely accept.

Meera: Are you out of your mind? I have a baby and you want me to re-marry you?

Bharath: Dont even think about Varsha. She will be my daughter. I will not even give a chance for her to think that she is not. Believe me.

By this time, Amma, Appa come and they say that they are sorry and they all try to convince her.

Meera is giving thousand reasons for not accepting this. The discussion goes for hours.

Bharath: Ok. You are forcing me to do this! This time, I am going to kidnap you and take you to some other country. The only change is that I have to kidnap Varsha along with you. Do you want me to do that?

Meera could not control her laughter and she gives Varsha to Bharath and says,'Why not?'

It was even tougher to convince Veena. She is getting terribly upset. But her parents say that they will give her all the freedom and she can choose anyone she wants. After loads and loads of promises, Veena finally agrees.

Bharath's mom visits them that friday and they talk about the wedding arrangements. They decide to have a simple wedding in a temple. Bharath's mom comes closer to Meera when she is about to leave and she hugs Meera tightly. This time for all the fulfilled wishes.

The End........

Note: Actually, I had so much to write. But I did not want to extend this for few more parts. I know you will lose your interest (I suppose you have lost it by now :)). Also, I had a different tragic ending in my mind. But since all of you wished for a happy ending, I changed the climax. Initially, I thought tragic ending is always touching as in Kadhal and all other big time movies :). But, since I had the luxury to change Meera's life, I thought 'Why not?'.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Part 6

Meera is thinking to have a discussion with Veena that night. But she is not getting the right chance with Gaayu and Athimber at home. So she waits till the next morning and takes Meera to the Amman temple. She starts the conversation by saying that Veena is still very young and all she has to worry about now is studying and getting a good job. She is ensuring that Amma, Appa and everyone will take care of her future. Veena looks at her puzzled and says 'Stop it Akka! Tell me frankly what is in your mind". Meera says that she heard Veena talking to her friend the previous night and turns to Veena expecting a shocking 'No'. But all she could see is Veena smiling back at her.

Veena: Yes Akka. I wanted to tell you this, but thought this will worry you during your wedding. I love Bharath. I am planning to tell this to him after your wedding. But I can wait for 2 more years for the marriage".
Meera: No Veena. Are you out of your senses? You know about their caste? The issues that this will create? About Appa and Amma? About us?
Veena: Akka, Appa and Amma are not going to live my life for another 50 years. It is my life and I am going to live every minute of it. I have to suffer the consequences of my decisions. I am very sure that I will be very happy if I am going to choose Bharath rather than some stranger that Amma Appa is going to pick
Meera:No. You are wrong. Gaayu is happy now, right? Even the maapillai that they have selected for me is good. The same thing is going to happen for you, Why do you want to hurry?
Veena: I have my own preferences and Bharath matches it so perfectly. Why to take risk and look for some one else when I have the right person in my hand? There is nothing to discuss or convince in this. If not, I would have to ask you to stay away from my business. That is not good for both of us. Please! I know what I am doing and you will definitely see me happy.

Meera is not able to take the truth. She has sacrificed her love thinking about her little sister. Now, that 'little' sister is asking her to stay away from her business. She is asking herself the question, 'Have I taken the wrong decision? Is there a chance to correct myself?"

Story continues...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Part 5

Wedding arrangements have started. Amma and Appa are busy in booking the Mandapam, arranging the contractor, buying sarees, etc, etc. Meera is struggling to leave everything behind and start preparing for the wedding. But somehow, she tries to console herself and acts for the sake of her parents. She is happy with one thing though, Mapillai did not try talking to her after the 'Pen pakkum padalam'. In 90s, it has become a trend wherein the Mapillai gets the landline number and kadalai pottufy with the girl every day. Meera's friends have shared their sweet phone stories to her. She thought that the Mapillai is more decent and is feeling shy to talk to her. This gave her sometime to accept what is happening around her.

Meera is surprised the way Bharath took the wedding news. Bharath is actually terribly upset, but he does not want Meera to know about it. He understands her so well and he is ready to do anything to make her happy. Bharath asks Meera to definitely let him know if she needs any help. She nods her head and says 'I can ask only you'.

Meera and her parents go to Nungambakkam to select the invitation card. She sits there quietly and her parents select the card, one in English and one manjal pathirikai. Her parents argue so much in selecting the names that has to be printed on the card. All maama, chithappa and everyone including the new-born babies in the family are included finally in the list.

Amma wants Meera to resign as there is just a month left for wedding. But Meera is so shocked to just hear it. She did not even think about the fact that she has to resign the job and go to Delhi. She convinces Amma that she will resign a week before the wedding. Amma says a firm 'No'. This time, Meera fights back and finally it was decided that she will go for another 15 days. Meera is so happy to see Bharath at least for another 2 weeks.

Meera starts distributing the cards to her friends. They are all so excited for Meera. Meera struggles every time to give a fake smile back. She invites everyone at work and decides to invite Bharath later visiting him and his mom. What the poor girl can do other than postponing it?

She visits them that weekend. Bharath's mom tells her frankly that it is not too late and she has to reconsider her decision. Meera thinks that even if she is bold enough to consider Bharath now, things have gone beyond her control and there is no way that she can cancel this wedding when her parents have already invited most of her relatives. She knows that she will not get a better chance to say what is in her mind. Finally, she opens up, "Aunty! I am so sorry. I am sure you will be able to understand me better. I am doing this after killing all my wishes. I must do this for my family. I am sorry if I have upset you and Bharath in any way". Aunty replies back and says, "No Meera. I like you right from the moment I saw you. But I started liking you more just when you sacrificed your likings for the sake of your family. This is what we women do all our life. I am so proud of you. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful life". She says thank you and she leaves the place controlling her tears.

When she reaches home, she is hearing Veena talking to her friend in the patio, "Yeah. What if he is Akka's friend and he is from a different caste? I can convince my parents. More than anything, it is my life and I have all the rights to make decisions". Meera is standing there shellshocked....

Story continues...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Part 4

It is a Saturday morning. Meera is getting ready to go to Bharath's house as his mom invited her over phone for lunch. Veena comes to know about this and is requesting Meera to take her along with her. Meera is refusing saying that they have invited only her. Veena calls Bharath and asks him directly whether it is ok if she accompanies Meera for lunch. Of course, he says yes.

They take an auto to Bharath's place. Bharath's mom is very happy to see them. She has prepared a sumptuous meal and they are having a very good time. She gives Meera a saree and flowers when they were about to leave. Meera touches her foot and accepts the gift. Bharath's mom is so taken away now and she hugs Meera tightly. Only the three can understand the unfulfilled wishes. Veena is just passing time by going around the house and trying to get the attention of Bharath.

They come back home in the evening and Amma shows a photo to Meera. She starts explaining about the proposal saying that the family is settled in Delhi and they are very rich. The groom is well-educated and he is doing his own business and ......
Meera did not even see the picture once. She has decided this already and there is nothing to think about based on who the groom is. She says, "Amma, if you all like the family, then we can proceed".

She is not able to control herself, so she goes upstairs. She cries and then consoles that she is doing this only for the well-being of her family. There is no way that she can do something that harms them. She is clear now and thinks that every action has a meaning to it and she is destined to take this decision.

Next week, the groom's family comes over for 'Maapillai paakum padalam'. Meera is looking so beautiful that day in a simple green silk saree and jasmine flowers. They like her very much and convey their interests to proceed for marriage.

That night, Meera's family is all excited and they are discussing the wedding preparations. Meera is also feeling much better by now and she tries to recollect the groom's face and all that is coming to her mind is the one of Bharath's.

Story continues...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Part 3

Bharath did not come to work that day. Meera is restless. She did not sleep the previous night upset about all the things happened. She blames herself for saying no to him. Everything is in place as she needed, but she is not able to make use of it. She picks up Bharath's landline number and calls him.

Bharath: Hello!
Bharath: Hello!
Meera: ....
Bharath: Meera! I know it is you. What do you want?
Meera: yeah, its me! Why did you not come to work today? Are you mad at me?
Bharath: No No. I totally understand you. I am just upset that I am missing a wonderful girl. But I think I am not that lucky.
Meera: No! I am not the lucky one. Please don't avoid me. Lets be friends as usual.
Bharath: Sure. I will come to work tomorrow and lets go for coffee, ok?
Meera: Perfect!

They are going to coffee breaks every day. Things have become normal again. Meera takes Bharath home and introduces to her family. Bharath does the same too. Bharath's mom likes Meera so much and she even guessed that they like each other. She inquires Bharath about this and he explains her everything. She suggests that they can at least try talking to Meera's parents once. But Bharath says that he does not want to upset Meera again talking about this.

Veena (Meera's younger sister) is a bubbly hot girl in the college. She is always the center of attraction. She starts hanging out with boyfriends which is totally not common in 90s. She meets Bharath in one of the weekends Meera invited him home. She starts liking him immediately.

Story continues....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Part 2

It is a Monday morning. Meera is entering the office hoping to get a quick look of Bharath. She turns her head to the right to get a glimpse of his cabin. Bharath lifts his head, smilingly says, "Very good morning, Meera". Meera is not ready for a conversation with him at this point and it takes a second for her to recover from the shock. She wishes him back, "Good morning Bharath". She goes straightly to her cubicle hiding her excitement.

If you think that it is just Meera who is blushing, you are wrong. Our hero is 100% excited too. Yes, Bharath likes Meera too. He is looking for opportunities to propose to her. But he is worried that Meera might reject him as it is just been a month since they have known each other. That morning around 11:00, he invites Meera for coffee and of course she joins him.

Bharath: How was your weekend?
Meera: It was ok doing the usual stuff. How was yours?
Bharath: Very good. I went to kunrathur murugan temple with Amma. Tell me about your family?
Meera: (gives the brief history)
Bharath: That's nice that you have siblings. I am the only son. My father expired three years back. It is just me and my mom now.
Meera: I am so sorry about your father.
(I need not write the mundane conversations after this :))

Meera gets comfortable with him slowly and they talk about anything and everything these days.
And that day finally comes...

It is again a coffee break.
Bharath: Meera, I want to say something to you.
Meera: What is it?
(She knows what exactly he is trying to say and she is getting so so tensed)
Bharath: I do not want to complicate this. I like you so much right from the day we met and slowly I started falling in love with you. I would love to marry you. If you say yes, I can come with my mom and talk to your parents

(There is an important point that I missed to mention. They are from totally different castes. He is a non-vegetarian and she is a vegetarian. Right from food, everything is different in their households. Meera knows all about this and has been arguing to herself all these days. She knows this day is going to come soon. She comes to a decision after thinking a lot)

Meera: I like you too, Bharath
Bharath: wowwwwwwwwwwwwww
Meera: Please wait till I complete. You know our families are very different and there is no way that my parents will agree for this proposal. I have my younger sister and her marriage will get affected if I decide to marry you. I do not want my family to suffer. I am so sorry. I completely love to be your friend as always. Please forgive me!
(This is in 1990's...So please go back to that time and then you will understand Meera)
Bharath is shattered by now. He gets up and leaves the place quietly.

Story continues...