Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Facts about India


Here are some of the interesting facts that I came across today while vethubrowsifying at work:

- This natural event, which happens every 50 years, causes dread in India's Mizoram State.
Melocanna Baccifera(Bamboo) flowers every 50 years in the Indian state of Mizoram - its blooming brings tens of millions of hungry rats. After they devour the bamboo fruit, the rats demolish precious crops like rice. The last outbreak began in late 2006 and continued thru 2008.

- Parsis of India leave the dead bodies to be devoured by vultures.
Their zoroastrian faith prohibits from tainting earth, wind, or fire with their corpses - have for centuries exposed their dead to scavenging birds. Recently, diminishing numbers of vultures in India have pushed the Parsis to rely on the gradual effects of the elements to claim their dead.

- Snow leopards are the elusive animals that prowl the mountains of India and they are rarely seen.
Snow leopards live up to their reputation for being impossible to find. Secretive, well camouflaged, and usually solitary, the cats are most active at night and in the twilight hours of dusk and dawn, prawling amid the most formidable tumult of mountains on earth, including the Himalaya.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Why do I watch some movies again and again and again?
This question popped up in my mind today when I was browsing to watch some movie and decided to see 'Tdhayathai Thirudathey' for the zillionth time.

I pretend myself every time that I do not remember the story and the scenes. Actually, I do not remember that much, in spite of the fact that these are my most favorite movies.

Mouna Raagam
Idhayathai Thirudathey
Bommakutti Ammavukku
Poove Poochudava

Let me think why I like each of these movies in the list.

Other than Mozhi, I think it is Ilayaraja's music that simply drags me towards them.

Idhayathai thirudathey
Oh Paapa laali....
My most favorite song in this movie.
'Paapa' - what an affectionate way to konjufy a girl friend?
When you treat your spouse as a kid and take care of them, there is nothing more that is needed.

I am completely moved by these lines in this song:

thalai saayththida madi paaymael thirumaenikku sugamoa
endha naaLilum vaadaadha iLam thaamarai mugamoa
idhai kaappadhu enRum paarppadhu indha thaay manamae

I listen to this song in both Tamil and Telugu. OMG, what a divine experience! Tamil version is by Mano and telugu by SPB. I used to like the tamil version as I can understand the lyrics better. But SPB's voice is so good and I am listening to both the versions these days.

Poove puchuduva
The song 'Poove puchuduva...'

I cry every time I listen to this,
Azhaippu mani entha veetil kettaalum oodi naan vanthu paarpen
Thendral en vaasal theendave illai kannil venneerai vaarpen,
Kangalumm ooithathu jeevanumm theinthathu
Jeeva deepagal oyum neram neeum neiyaaga vanthaai
Intha kanneeril sogam illai indru aanantham thanthaai
Pethi endralum neeum en thaai
Poove poochooda vaa enthan nenjil paal vaarka vaa

Intha pon maanai paarthuk konde sendru naan sera vendum..
Meendum jenmangal maarum pothum naan un magalaaga vendum

bommakutti ammavukku
kuyile kuyile

I love the matching dresses of Sathyaraj, Suhasini and the sweet kutti

I am surprised when I prepared this list that there is no thalaivar's(Kamal) movie. Not even one. That's bad. I like 'Devar magan' and many of his movies. But, I like them as a core cinema lover and I like them based on performance and other things. List here is different and something close to my heart.

I started this blog about something else and here I am talking about Ilayaraja's music again :)

Hats off to the Genius! I could not even dream about our generation without his music.
It is his music we listen to, when we are happy, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed...
There are many new people coming up. But it is just his music we think we belong to.
When we go on long drives, when we sit at home nothing to do, when we work in a busy schedule..anywhere and anytime - one and only Isaignani.