Thursday, February 28, 2008

Home, Sweet Home!

I am just wondering what is so special in our home..means our mom's place. Now, I have my own home and I really love it. It is everything to me now. But still, there is something in mom's place...what is that?

sweet lil nothin me, mom, sis and aunts talk?
lovely niece and nephew?
mom's food?
dad's affectionate care?
bro's indirect 'lemme know if u need something' kind of talks?
old plate, my room stuff?
No cooking, No errands?

I don't know. But it is heaven! The place where every one of us long, dream to be!
But that is not possible. So, am trying to make my home to be a cute little dream world for my family! Hope my kids will feel the same way as I do now :-).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lucky to have you

I was reading a blog by Shobana and I really loved the last few lines in it. I could relate so much to these words and I believe this is true for everyone of you :-).

"We may squabble about petty things, call names when angry and even threaten to divorce when there is a big fight, but when the storm has passed and we have calmed down, we do realize that we are lucky to have each other "

This is her blog. Read this when u get time. I really enjoyed it!

I have told this a million times to you. But I felt like writing it in my blog and let you know that,

'I am sorry for all the stupid things that I have done and am doing till now when we fight. I even feel that I have multi-personal disorder and the angry person comes out in 'Anniyan' style. But that is not me. There is nothing common in between that person and me. :-)
I love you and I feel lucky in all the ways to have you in my life.'

Thursday, February 21, 2008

U.S. Presidential Election

I went to India recently and all people ask is about the Presidential Elections. I could not answer 99% of their questions because I was not knowing about the elections here. I was not even trying to know about it.

Coming back to US, I started searching for some good article that could explain me the election procedures right from scratch. Yep! I found one. I am providing the link for people like me who have "Zero" knowledge about elections. Here, it is,