Thursday, October 29, 2009


I admire one
- who is an early riser
- who is very organized
- who dresses neatly
- who is with positive attitude and a smile on the face 24 * 7
- who is with full energy the entire day
- who is not jealous
- who maintains a great home and garden
- who finds time to read even when she is super busy
- who is very good in financial budgeting
- who is creative and artistic

I know a whole lot of women who fulfill all the above criteria. I want to be like them one day! All the other things I can try, but getting up early..OMG..I think it is in my DNA and I can never change that..sigh!

Friday, October 23, 2009


SPB sang this song in the recent Kamal 50 programme. I fell in love with this from that moment. Is it SPB's voice or the lyrics that I love more? I was not sure. I listened to it again and again.

There is this line:
"un kaiyil antha noolaa nee sollu nandhalala"
where SPB gives a small grin after the word "noola". OMG, his voice is heaven, pure like a child's smile.

It is SPB's voice, I got clarified!

Unakenna mele nindrai oh nandhalala
Unadhanai paadugindren naan romba naala

Thai madiyil pirandhom thamizh madiyil valarndhom
Nadigarena malarndhom naadagathil kalandhom...

aadatha medai illai podatha vesham illai
aadatha medai illai podatha vesham illai
sinthatha kanneer illai siripukkum panjam illai
Kaal kondu aadum pillai nool kondu aadum bommai
Kaal kondu aadum pillai nool kondu aadum bommai
un kaiyil antha noolaa nee sollu nandhalala

Yaar yaaro nanban yendru yemandha nenjam undu
poo endru mullai kandu puriyamal nindren indru
Pal pola kallum undu nirathale rendum ondru
Pal pola kallum undu nirathale rendum ondru
Naan yenna kalla paala nee sollu nandhalala

Unakenna mele nindrai oh nandha lala
Unadhanai paadugindren naan romba naala

Thai madiyil pirandhom thamizh madiyil valarndhom
Nadigarena malarndhom naadagathil kalandhom...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aadhavan - Flop!

Ayan, Aadhavan and what next?
Arasan??? Go to hell, Surya!!!

Even Arasan would have been better. But his next movie is Singam with director Hari.

"Than thalai le thaane manna vaari pottukarathu" na ithu thano?

En Blog-in soga kathai!

What will happen to my blog if I remove these tags:
badusha video
anal mele pani thuli

99.9% of my blog hits are for the above search keywords. That too, the badusha is the box office hit. But the fact is, the badusha video blog does not have a "video" :-). So people come here looking for a video and as soon as they realise that it does not have one, they exit the blog! And there are some visit lengths for '0' seconds. How is this even possible? :-(

Ippadiyum naan oru blog maintain pannanuma? But I have to. For my dear sweet friends and my husband, who visit my blog to keep up my spirit. Even they are also skimming through it quickly these days! If this continues, I have to warn them that I will conduct quiz about my blog! Ithalam oru pozhappu!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

50 years of accomplishment!!!

This post is for our Thala...

Your guess is wrong. It is not Ajith and I am happy that I do not have such a bad taste.

Kamal Hassan...

I am a hardcore fan of him. I and Arun, watch all his movies - first day first show. And we watch them again and again and again.

When all these celebrations are going on for his 50th year in the industry, I wanted to write the important things that I detest about him. So Kamal, here we go:

1. I hate the romance that you show in movies and also the things happening in your personal life. Your personal life should be none of my concern and I do not have any rights to intrude, but I hate when I see you with Gautami.

2. Your dance really sucks. They say that you know bharathanatiyam, kuchipudi, this and that. But as a common man(???), I say that your dance is not that pleasant. You are repeating the same steps (Raising and tipping your toe, I could not explain it better but I hope you can understand because this is the one you do all the time :-)).

3. Sometimes, you act as though you karachu kudichified cine industry and you show thousand emotions for a simple scene. I think it is all Shivaji's influence. You need to really improve!

4. Your dressing sense is bad most of the time. Why do you wear pants so high like a 1950-constable?

5. In the roles that you come without moustache, you think that you look young. But the truth is you look sick. For example, as Govind Ramasamy in Dasavatharam, your face was bloated and it looked like you had 2 bondas in your mouth.

6. Please dont get over excited and make films like Dasavatharam. Do not try to show all your expertise in one film. We are ready to pay for your movie tickets. So take one step at a time. I understand your concern about age. But you can direct other young people and enact character roles. Like Unnai Pol Oruvan, you can be a 50-year old hero.

7. And final one..You remade the film 'A Wednesday', scene by scene. Vekkame illama how can you answer all the interview questions as though it is your own story and screenplay? Accepting all the praises, you say that you predicted that this story is very much essential for the society now. You are no better than that Jayam Ravi's brother.

Now this is done! I want to list atleast a couple of good things about him since I called him 'Thala'

1. I always come out with one hundred crticisms every time I see your movie. But every time, I watch you speaking in interviews so clearly and precisely, I start liking you atleast 5% more.

2. During childhood, there was this fight among us whenever we talk about movies - Rajni side or Kamal side. I chose Kamal thinking that people who support Rajni are kathukuttis and kamal fans are geniuses.
I still believe so :-).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Movies!

Weekend movies:
Rang De Basanti

Three world-class movies in three different languages. We were in awe watching these movies. Particularly, Thanmathra was great. I was not knowing much about the Alzheimer disease before this. We are planning to watch more malayalam movies from now on. Lets see how it goes!