Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting old is not too bad!!!

Health, Fitness...these are the words that are lingering in my ears very often these days.
"eppadi iruntha naan ippadi aiten" this suits me perfectly (actually in positive sense), when considering health and eating habits.

Before marriage:
Mom made veggies every day, atleast 2 of them. They were all yummy and delightful with coconut and all the needed kosuru flavors. But, I was not even touching them. She requested me to eat them listing all the good things..but no was my answer all the time. So, she was feeding me (literally). I was immediately drinking water to force them inside. I was not even tasting them.

I was also not knowing the meaning of 'work out'. All I was doing after work is taking rest, sleeping and watching TV. I absolutely had no chores to do. I could not recollect why was I resting for god's sake? (enna panni kizhichennu therila?)

Wheel spinning clockwise...few years later...

Morning breakfast:
Oats, Carrot juice or Butter milk

Some vegetable curry with rice or chappathi, salad on fridays with soup

Fruits and Yoplait

Again vegetable curry.

Cooking spinach atleast twice a week, making sure that I cover all the vegtables available in one cycle, eating fruits as much as possible...

No one is forcing me to do all these now. But I do it out of my own interest. And I also work out as frequently as possible even after all the house work and office work (see office work comes only second :)). Or else I feel guilty.

How did I change?
I think I figured out that there is no one to take care of me and my family if I am not doing so.

Are you curious about my husband? Oh boy! he does not even remember what he had for lunch today. So I need to be more responsible.

Maturity is teaching me to be more responsible and I am getting matured as I get older.

Then, growing old is not too bad, isn't it?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

3 years!!!

Today is a very special day for us...the day that tied us together for life. Things have been wonderful so far.

I am trying to remember the things that we used to discuss about our marriage life:

- watching movies all the time: we do this 8 hours a day now :-). We watch serials and movies in all the languages. We never get bored at it.

- eating all good food: All Indian food to be more specific. We prepare varieties at home and have a great pleasure while having it with a movie. We call this as 'Heaven' and we enjoy this more than anything in the world.
In particular, I love the weekend coffee that you prepare. It is so good to get up at 11:oo and have a coffee that I don't have to prepare :-).

- having a nice cute home: We have a cute home and we have it the way we like..simple and sweet.

- having a comfy car: This is your priority area and you have your dream car. I enjoy it as much as you do.

- chatting all non-sense: This is my priority area :-). We can talk about everything and we talk about it again and again. For example, Akshu's "Ange Inge". We never get bored doing this.

We have done all the above exactly the same way as we thought we do.

Things that I would like to add to last year's list :-):
You don't demand anything from me, right from cooking to cleaning. It is up to me and it is all according to my wish. I could not imagine how it would be, if you come and say "Cook chicken today" or "Why the clothes are still lying there?". It is the other way in our home - "We will eat outside, you don't strain cooking everyday" and "You can arrange them later, take some rest now".

I read this somewhere:
"Rocky times are a challenge to be acknowledged, worked through, and resolved so you can experience deeper friendship, greater understanding, happier times, and higher levels of life experience together." - There were some ups and downs in our life too. But they made us understand each other better and love more.

As you said yesterday, like Michael Scott and Holly in 'The Office', we are made for each other. I wish to be the same way all our life. Even at 80, we should keep watching movies and commenting on them :-).

I did not take any vows in our wedding, so I am taking one here -
"To have and to hold, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part."

Wishing a very happy anniversary, my dear!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Un Kangalin Ooram yedarkagavo eeram.......

Divine music!!! Lyrics is so touching!!!

In a recent programme, a lady said that her husband sings this song whenever she is sad and every time she cries listening to this line,
"Un kangalin ooram..yedarkagavo eeram..Kaneerai naan maatruven.." - What more a girl can expect from her lover?

I am getting teary eyed too. I am making Arun to learn this song. This song will be more divine if he sings it.

Uravugal thodarkathai
unarvugal sirukathai
Oru kathai yendrum mudiyalam
Mudivilum ondru thodaralaam
Iniyellam sugame...........

Un nenjile baaram
unakagave naanum
Sumai thaangiyaai thaanguven
Un kangalin ooram
yedarkagavo eeram
Kaneerai naan maatruven
Vedanai theeralam
verum pani vilagalam
Venmegame puthu azhagile naanum inayalaam

Vaazhvenbatho geetham
valarkindratho naadham
Naal ondrilum aanandam
Ne kandatho thunbam
ini vaazhvellam inbam
Suga raagame aarambam
Nathiyile puthu punal
kadalile kalanthadhu
Nam sondhamo indru inaindathu inbam piranthathu