Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Part 1

Meera is sitting near the window and smiling. She cannot stop thinking about Bharath these days. Amma called, "Meera, what are you dreaming there? Gaayu is coming with maapillai for dinner. We have to start cooking, come here and help me!". Meera got irritated and murmured slowly, "As though she is coming from Kashmir, she is just here in K.K.Nagar and comes for dinner at least 4 times a week. Why are you making it a big deal and wasting my time?". Amma asked, “what is that Meera you were saying?”. Our soft sweet Meera did not repeat that to Amma. But instead said, ‘Lets make Poori and thakkali thokku, Amma”.

Now you have a picture of Meera’s family. But there are few more things you have to know before we proceed. Meera’s father is a chemistry professor and Mom is a home maker. Gaayu got married last year. Gaayu and her husband work in LIC. They are just 2 kms away and they try to finish most of their dinner, weekend meals here. Gaayu is a shrewd girl, if calling manipulative is too much. She knows exactly what she needs in life and she also gets whatever she dreams. She makes use of Meera 99% of the time to achieve her goal. Meera, our heroine, is a sweet homely girl. She completed her B.Com and she is working in a firm in a decent position. Amma is always ready with complaints about Meera. The recent one is that she is not capable to get a government job and that she is not a ‘oppicer’. She is not ready to realize that without Meera there will be no one to help her in kitchen and feed her when she is ill. Appa is more or less similar to Meera and he is not that expressive. He goes to work and watches TV and drinks coffee when he is at home. His opinion anyways is not a big deal for Amma. Wait, there is one more important character. Veena, Meera’s little sister. Little is not even appropriate. She is a terror sister. She is a mix of Gaayu and Amma. No more explanation needed.

So all these years, Meera has been sacrificing, sacrificing and sacrificing for her sisters. Only for the past 2 months, she is experiencing the other side. Happiness, excitement….It is because of Bharath. Bharath is her boss who is a chartered accountant. He is a very talented and handsome guy. A very down to earth person and Meera sees herself in him. It started with official conversations and she immediately started liking him.

Story continues…..

Friday, March 26, 2010


My morning starts like this:
Alarm starts ringing at 5 AM. I have the habit of getting up right after the alarm rings and not keep snoozing it again and again. May be it is because I got so used to get up early right from my childhood days. I always prefer studying in the morning than late nights. Coming back to the morning...

I brush and take bath. I do not like to enter the kitchen without taking bath. I switch on M.S.Subbulakshmi's Suprabatham. I start preparing coffee around 5:30. I wake my husband up, give him coffee and start preparing lunch. I prepare the breakfast and lunch simultaneously. Idli, Chutney, Sambar and veg. curry - all ready by 7:15. I pack lunch boxes. We eat the tasty idlis and leave home when the clock ticks 8.


'Ezhundhuru maa..late aguthu paaru" - My husband is trying to wake me up...
I wake up slowly realizing that it was a dream. Even for a dream, it was so hectic.
It is already 7:25. We have to leave before 8:10 or we will miss the bus. I get up. I brush and finish bathing, all in 20 minutes. I run down to the kitchen. Heat the food prepared the previous night and pack the boxes. Heat milk and add cereals. Give it to the husband. I gulp it fast myself. All in another 20 minutes. Ready to leave by 8:05.

But I wish one day, at least one day, I follow whatever I dreamed. This is what all the working moms of previous generation have been doing, add to this the getting-kids-ready task. Thank god, we are born after 1970s and 80s.

Monday, March 8, 2010

VTV - Not as expected :)

I am poor at writing reviews. But the review by Blogeswari is exactly what I felt after seeing the movie. If Gautham has not known English, I think he would have been a great director. Or at least if he has not written the dialogues himself, things would have been much much better.