Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sharing Emergency Contact Info

I got an email from a friend saying that she would like to share her emergency contact info in India to friends.

After reading her email, I cursed myself for not even thinking about this!
I shared my info with her and some of my friends later.

Please share your parents contact info with your friends(soon).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank you!

Today, I had a great lunch. Infact, the best lunch.
Arun decided to treat me with his culinary skills. He helps me a lot in kitchen now and then. But today, he made me to completely relax and cooked from A-Z, all by himself.

This is the menu:
Chicken roast

The highlight was the chicken curry which he prepared in a different style. Thanks to the kitchenmishmash blog. Arun followed the exact recipe and added some chilli powder (not in the recipe)

It turned out very well.

Thanks dear for the wonderful lunch! Expecting more treats like this from you :-)

Monday, May 11, 2009

These kids..OMG

We were doing webcam chat with my sis and her 2-yr old on saturday. My sis was trying to make the kutti talk for more than 5 minutes. She was not responding and just seeing us in the monitor. So I switched off my video and my sis said to the kutti "Saranya and Arun are not listening to you anymore, they are gone". After this (we were thinking that she believed us and were making fun at the kutti :-)), she did (she doesnt have an alternative, poor kid) all my sis asked. Dancing, singing, crying like her anna and everything...Here comes the highlight -

She saw the monitor and said, "Chanya (yes, its me), you go away...go to ur home, please dont come inside this room".

Point # 1: She did not believe my sis words at all and she was knowing that we are watching her all along. She did everything just to finish this drama and to go out and play.

Point # 2: she has not seen us till now. She has just seen us in photos. With that, she is recognizing us as someone she is very close to and referring to us in our names.

How smart these kids are! I might have just started calling my mom as "Amma" when I was 2..sigh!

Gardening '09

Yesterday, we started our gardening journey in the new home :-)
We bought a lawn mower and tried that immediately. We were not sure of the grass length. So, had a look at the neighbour's lawn and after some trial and errors, decided with a length. The mowing was successful. There are still some lengthy grasses popping out here and there. But see.. this is our first time :-(

As Arun did this simple task, I did the herculean task of spreading the lawn food, applying weed control and watering. (all with his help, again :-))

And, I had tried the following seeds:

And also have tried

Ok..too much for a first try..but I did. Have to wait and see the results. Pray for me that atleast 2 or 3 of these should show some results. I am waiting for the day to pluck them from the plant when I am cooking and use them.

I have to try some flowers after this.

The weeds..errrrrrrrr..yet to remove them and put weed control. Oh boy! not so simple to have a cute lil garden.

But I loved what we did yesterday. I will post some pictures in future if I decide that they are looking good in my eyes :-). Now they just look like some barren land.