Friday, April 2, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Part 3

Bharath did not come to work that day. Meera is restless. She did not sleep the previous night upset about all the things happened. She blames herself for saying no to him. Everything is in place as she needed, but she is not able to make use of it. She picks up Bharath's landline number and calls him.

Bharath: Hello!
Bharath: Hello!
Meera: ....
Bharath: Meera! I know it is you. What do you want?
Meera: yeah, its me! Why did you not come to work today? Are you mad at me?
Bharath: No No. I totally understand you. I am just upset that I am missing a wonderful girl. But I think I am not that lucky.
Meera: No! I am not the lucky one. Please don't avoid me. Lets be friends as usual.
Bharath: Sure. I will come to work tomorrow and lets go for coffee, ok?
Meera: Perfect!

They are going to coffee breaks every day. Things have become normal again. Meera takes Bharath home and introduces to her family. Bharath does the same too. Bharath's mom likes Meera so much and she even guessed that they like each other. She inquires Bharath about this and he explains her everything. She suggests that they can at least try talking to Meera's parents once. But Bharath says that he does not want to upset Meera again talking about this.

Veena (Meera's younger sister) is a bubbly hot girl in the college. She is always the center of attraction. She starts hanging out with boyfriends which is totally not common in 90s. She meets Bharath in one of the weekends Meera invited him home. She starts liking him immediately.

Story continues....


Anonymous said...

oh lovely read saranya ... when is part 4 ? I have imagined something in my mind. I want to know what you are thinking???

Raji said...

Meeravuku BULB-a? :( I am waiting to read what happens next...

Shobana said...

Like Raji...Meeravukku Govinda va??? Cha! Enna Sara...ingayum tragedy madhiri kondu poreenga?

Saranya Arunprakash said...

Story will go in a very different angle:). Wait and see.

nallavangaluku epayume bulb thana kedaikuthu..

ulagam appadi irukku :)

Suthershan said...

Hmm.. really good.

Suthershan said...

Hmm.. really good.