Friday, April 16, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Final Part

Meera realizes that there is nothing she can do now. The wedding is just few days away and canceling it will create all sorts of problems for her parents. She is deciding to go wherever the fate takes her.

Her final day in office. She meets Bharath in cafeteria for the last time in her life. She could not control her tears and wishes him good luck. She has thought of talking about Veena to Bharath today and requesting him to advice her if she comes to him. But something stops her from taking that topic at that moment. When she raised her head trying to control herself, Bharath looks deep inside her eyes and says, "You will always be in my heart, mind and soul. I sometimes think that I should kidnap you and take you to some country away from all this. But I know you will go back to your family immediately. I respect your sacrifices, but this is enough. At least after the wedding, live your life. Enjoy things that you like. Be happy". They exchange good-byes.

It is a three-day wedding with all lengthy customs. Meera slowly gets involved in them. Maapillai's parents and sister are very affectionate to Meera. But she observes that the Maapillai has not come and talked to her even once. Even during the formalities where they sit next to each other, he did not even smile. She thinks that may be he is tensed as well and ignores it.

Wedding day - Bharath comes early in the morning and smiles seeing Meera. He is gifting Meera a small 'Meera statue'. He says that it will be him thinking about her till his last breath. Meera says that he should not spoil his life and he should get married. He gently smiles and says, 'Show me a girl like you, exactly like you and I will marry her'. He goes and sits with his colleagues. Meera is in all tears now and she is feeling guilty. She now feels that if Veena could convince Bharath and get married, that will be very good. She is happy that she did not tell Bharath about Veena the other day. Knowing Veena well, she is sure that Veena will convince Bharath somehow.
When all this is going in her mind, she is called by the Prohithar.

Her friends take her to the Mandapam and appreciating that the Mapillai looks very smart. Maapillai ties the knot and her parents are in tears.

They come home that evening. Meera is overwhelmed with all the mixed feelings. She tries to keep herself calm. That evening, Maapillai finally utters a couple of words. He says Madras is very hot and few other junk stuff. This is all he talked that night and slept. Meera does not know whether she has to be sad that he did not behave like a normal husband or she has to be happy that she can take some time to adjust herself with him and all the changes in her life.

They leave to Delhi after a couple of days. The moment she sits in the train, she starts crying. Amma, Appa are convincing her that they will come and visit her often. But Meera is thinking about Bharath and only about Bharath. That one second, she pictures herself to run away from all this. But she understands the reality. Train starts moving and Veena comes closer to her and says, 'I will tell you a good news very soon' and winks at her.

They reach Delhi. Things are going monotonously. But she is very happy that her in-laws are very good and they treat her as their daughter. But Maapillai is still talking only few words to her. But he is getting better very slowly.

She becomes pregnant soon. Meera is very happy and calls Amma and shares the joy. She is not thinking about Bharath these days. She is not even thinking about her husband and his behavior these days. She dreams about her baby all the time.

When she was around 6 months pregnant, she is coming to Madras. She is greeted by her folks very happily. Bharath comes and visits her and he is so happy for her. Things have changed between them, but there is this good friendship and bond always.

When Meera is nearing the delivery, Bharath calls her one day and says that Veena has proposed to him. He sounds shocked and says that he said no to her. He asks Meera to advise her. Meera convinces Bharath saying that it is not a bad idea and he has to consider Veena. Discussion goes on and he cuts the call irritatingly.

Meera delivers a cute baby girl 'Varsha'. Her in-laws visit her and say that the Maapillai is very busy in his business and he is very upset that he could not come and see the baby. This time, Meera gets really upset about the fact that he has not even called her after the delivery. Even the calls he made before that were pure formal calls. She decides to talk to him after going back.

Veena threatens Bharath she will die without him. Meera convinces talking to Bharath for hours and tells him that she will not be happy until he settles down and that he is making her feel guilty. He finally says yes and she is very happy and she talks to her parents and Bharath's mom. She and Veena convince them. The wedding is scheduled after 3 months.

Meera and Varsha come to Delhi and there is a big celebration with all the relatives. That weekend, she asked him the reason for not being normal to her. She asks him whether it is because that he did not like her or it is because he does not like marriages in general and the commitments that come along with it. At first, he tries to change the subject. But when Meera forces him, he says the truth. Maapillai is already married to his longtime girlfriend. His parents does not know about the marriage, but they did not agree for his affair. They compelled him and forced him to get married to Meera. So he married his girlfriend for his sake and married Meera for his parents sake.

Meera gets mad at him and starts throwing away all the things. She gets worried about Varsha more than herself. She tells her in-laws about this. They feel very bad about the decision they took and apologize to Meera. Meera stays there for a month. But she is not able to decide anything in favor of living in Delhi. Also, she thinks that Maapillai is not happy with her anyways. Better that he can live happily with his girlfriend. She leaves Delhi and tells that she will file for Divorce immediately.

Amma Appa get so angry and are trying to change Meera's mind from applying for divorce. They say that she is the legal wife and he has to live with her. Meera is firm now and she says 'It is not about the legal rights. You should have enquired about his character and not about his money. Even if he wants to, I do not want a life with him'. She files for divorce and applies for job postings.

Veena's wedding arrangements have started.Veena, being Veena, is very happy and she did not bother much about her Akka. Bharath comes home a couple of days later and he takes Meera upstairs.

Bharath: Meera, please dont stop me when I am talking. I am very sorry about what has happened. But you know, I am actually happy inside. God is giving us a second chance. We have to grab it. I want to marry you. Dont give me any excuse this time. You dont worry about my mom because she is the one who gave this idea the moment she heard about you. I said yes to this wedding only because of you. I have no interests on Veena. The arrangements have just started and you cannot say it is difficult to cancel the wedding. We can convince Veena. Please Please! Your parents are feeling guilty now and they will definitely accept.

Meera: Are you out of your mind? I have a baby and you want me to re-marry you?

Bharath: Dont even think about Varsha. She will be my daughter. I will not even give a chance for her to think that she is not. Believe me.

By this time, Amma, Appa come and they say that they are sorry and they all try to convince her.

Meera is giving thousand reasons for not accepting this. The discussion goes for hours.

Bharath: Ok. You are forcing me to do this! This time, I am going to kidnap you and take you to some other country. The only change is that I have to kidnap Varsha along with you. Do you want me to do that?

Meera could not control her laughter and she gives Varsha to Bharath and says,'Why not?'

It was even tougher to convince Veena. She is getting terribly upset. But her parents say that they will give her all the freedom and she can choose anyone she wants. After loads and loads of promises, Veena finally agrees.

Bharath's mom visits them that friday and they talk about the wedding arrangements. They decide to have a simple wedding in a temple. Bharath's mom comes closer to Meera when she is about to leave and she hugs Meera tightly. This time for all the fulfilled wishes.

The End........

Note: Actually, I had so much to write. But I did not want to extend this for few more parts. I know you will lose your interest (I suppose you have lost it by now :)). Also, I had a different tragic ending in my mind. But since all of you wished for a happy ending, I changed the climax. Initially, I thought tragic ending is always touching as in Kadhal and all other big time movies :). But, since I had the luxury to change Meera's life, I thought 'Why not?'.


Anonymous said...

I like this ending :)...Poor Meera she had to go though a lot.

Raji said...

I love this ending too :) If everyone can get what they want although after long struggles...would it not be happy? Happiness is all important than the struggles gone through :)

Jayashree said...

Nice ! Nice !

maharam said...

hi saran,
woh such a huge talent is hidden in u ,i never expected this ,just now i came across ur blog after a long gap seeing the story i thought might be a translated one ,but then after reading it i cant believe it its u who had written it,ey so nice,ey i am lucky no suspense for me i read all the parts in one episode .
in my next comment i wll write abt the story this time i ahve no words to praise the writer,great job saran.ey saran by the way 90s story na ,enaku therinji i cant relate any of our cousins to meera.really good job saran

Saranya Arunprakash said...

Thanks guys! Glad that you all liked the ending.

Thanks so much. This is so encouraging. I meant that our cousins were in their teens during 90s. I did not say that one of our cousin is Meera :)

Anonymous said...

nice:) touchg :)

Suthershan said...

Hi, Its very nice, the way you handled the story is awesome. You are very good editor as i didn't lose the interest throughout the story.

Why did you stopped writing the blog? Please continue. All the best.

Lavi Raj said...

Hi Saranya,

just happened to read the story! Great one! Why did u stop updating the blog? i should not advice u, as i too made my tamil blog sleep for years. but this is our identity, we should refresh it. keep posting!!

Saranya Arunprakash said...

Thanks Lavi. I stopped writing not finding time, but later I feel like I am out of it...Cannot think of anything to write :)