Thursday, April 1, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Part 2

It is a Monday morning. Meera is entering the office hoping to get a quick look of Bharath. She turns her head to the right to get a glimpse of his cabin. Bharath lifts his head, smilingly says, "Very good morning, Meera". Meera is not ready for a conversation with him at this point and it takes a second for her to recover from the shock. She wishes him back, "Good morning Bharath". She goes straightly to her cubicle hiding her excitement.

If you think that it is just Meera who is blushing, you are wrong. Our hero is 100% excited too. Yes, Bharath likes Meera too. He is looking for opportunities to propose to her. But he is worried that Meera might reject him as it is just been a month since they have known each other. That morning around 11:00, he invites Meera for coffee and of course she joins him.

Bharath: How was your weekend?
Meera: It was ok doing the usual stuff. How was yours?
Bharath: Very good. I went to kunrathur murugan temple with Amma. Tell me about your family?
Meera: (gives the brief history)
Bharath: That's nice that you have siblings. I am the only son. My father expired three years back. It is just me and my mom now.
Meera: I am so sorry about your father.
(I need not write the mundane conversations after this :))

Meera gets comfortable with him slowly and they talk about anything and everything these days.
And that day finally comes...

It is again a coffee break.
Bharath: Meera, I want to say something to you.
Meera: What is it?
(She knows what exactly he is trying to say and she is getting so so tensed)
Bharath: I do not want to complicate this. I like you so much right from the day we met and slowly I started falling in love with you. I would love to marry you. If you say yes, I can come with my mom and talk to your parents

(There is an important point that I missed to mention. They are from totally different castes. He is a non-vegetarian and she is a vegetarian. Right from food, everything is different in their households. Meera knows all about this and has been arguing to herself all these days. She knows this day is going to come soon. She comes to a decision after thinking a lot)

Meera: I like you too, Bharath
Bharath: wowwwwwwwwwwwwww
Meera: Please wait till I complete. You know our families are very different and there is no way that my parents will agree for this proposal. I have my younger sister and her marriage will get affected if I decide to marry you. I do not want my family to suffer. I am so sorry. I completely love to be your friend as always. Please forgive me!
(This is in 1990's...So please go back to that time and then you will understand Meera)
Bharath is shattered by now. He gets up and leaves the place quietly.

Story continues...


Jayashree said...

Kalakureenga...Waiting eagerly for the next episode :)

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Hmmm...What next? comes to my mind...Waiting for that...