Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Malarnthum Malaratha.... - Part 6

Meera is thinking to have a discussion with Veena that night. But she is not getting the right chance with Gaayu and Athimber at home. So she waits till the next morning and takes Meera to the Amman temple. She starts the conversation by saying that Veena is still very young and all she has to worry about now is studying and getting a good job. She is ensuring that Amma, Appa and everyone will take care of her future. Veena looks at her puzzled and says 'Stop it Akka! Tell me frankly what is in your mind". Meera says that she heard Veena talking to her friend the previous night and turns to Veena expecting a shocking 'No'. But all she could see is Veena smiling back at her.

Veena: Yes Akka. I wanted to tell you this, but thought this will worry you during your wedding. I love Bharath. I am planning to tell this to him after your wedding. But I can wait for 2 more years for the marriage".
Meera: No Veena. Are you out of your senses? You know about their caste? The issues that this will create? About Appa and Amma? About us?
Veena: Akka, Appa and Amma are not going to live my life for another 50 years. It is my life and I am going to live every minute of it. I have to suffer the consequences of my decisions. I am very sure that I will be very happy if I am going to choose Bharath rather than some stranger that Amma Appa is going to pick
Meera:No. You are wrong. Gaayu is happy now, right? Even the maapillai that they have selected for me is good. The same thing is going to happen for you, Why do you want to hurry?
Veena: I have my own preferences and Bharath matches it so perfectly. Why to take risk and look for some one else when I have the right person in my hand? There is nothing to discuss or convince in this. If not, I would have to ask you to stay away from my business. That is not good for both of us. Please! I know what I am doing and you will definitely see me happy.

Meera is not able to take the truth. She has sacrificed her love thinking about her little sister. Now, that 'little' sister is asking her to stay away from her business. She is asking herself the question, 'Have I taken the wrong decision? Is there a chance to correct myself?"

Story continues...

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Raji said...

Poor Meera :( Life takes through some hard strikes like this...Lets see what happens next...:)